Tips For Flirting Over Text

Flirting over Text can be a Lot of Fun when you know the right way to do it

How to Flirt with a Girl over Text

In the twentieth century, it seems as if everything is changing. The digital age has allowed people to connect with each other like never before.Flirting Over Text started with the original telephone, followed by wireless phones, which were quickly followed by briefcase sized cell phones and wired internet connections.

These days, people connect via wireless and smart phones which are as powerful as personal computers were fifteen or twenty years ago. It’s changed the way we live in nearly every aspect of our lives. This includes the endless game of romance that plays itself out in every generation and every corner of the world.

The Work Of Romantic Flirting

Of course, getting into a romantic relationship takes some work. A person has to be interesting, stable, self-confident, attractive, or some combination of the four. Which combination will naturally vary from person to person, but in general these four traits are the ones potential partners look for. One way to show off these traits in the process of flirting over text.

Flirting Over Text And How It Works

In a general sense, flirting over text is really no different from flirting in person as long as one goes into the process with the right attitude. There is no magic incantation that will transform a text conversation into an instantaneous romantic or sexual relationship, and going into the process feeling as if one needs or deserves success is a recipe for disaster. Still, for people who are comfortable with themselves and interacting with potential partners, text flirting is a great way to get a process started.

The first element is to get a clear idea of whether or not your advances are wanted. Establishing this fact can be difficult and failure can be intensely embarrassing, but not trying at all leads to instant failure. Over text, the best way to do this is to be sincere. Sincerity is the best way to go here as most stable, healthy people dislike potential partners who can’t be honest and straightforward.

Getting to know a person at first can be a bit difficult. Still, if they’re talking to you over text, there’s clearly some sort of interest. That said, it’s vitally important to keep in mind that interest doesn’t automatically mean success. It’s important to get enthusiastic consent before taking your advances to the next level.

Being subtly sexual is a clever idea to feel out whether there’s a chance for a relationship to go in certain directions. A few wisecracks about sex, a casual comparison of the topic at hand to a sexual matter or just saying you find a person sexy is a decent way to go about. Keep in mind that the important word is “subtle”. Sending off a picture of your genitals or other sexual characteristics is the exact opposite of subtle, and will generally scare a potential partner away.

The better the reaction to these subtle comments, the more likely it is that there’s interest. Of course, if they don’t seem to notice or seem to take it poorly, that’s probably the best sign to assume that it’s not going to get romantic. While this may be disappointing, keep in mind that the person of your interest doesn’t owe you the response you want. They are their own person, and they are allowed to not be interested. This is true even if you try really hard to gain that interest.

It will not attract everyone you talk to, but talking a little dirty can really reveal another person’s feelings towards you. Conversely, only talk a little bit more sexually charged than usual. Straight up telling another person your entire range of sexual preferences and fantasies after knowing them for less than a day is definitely a terrible idea.

Tips For Getting The Best Response To Flirting Over Text

Now that you understand some foundational things about flirting, it’s time to learn a few tips that can help you get the response you want. Keep in mind that these things won’t work every single time, but they will give you a good starting point.

Flirting over Text can be a Lot of Fun when you know the right way to do it
Flirting over Text can be a Lot of Fun when you know the right way to do it

Don’t Presume – Unless you’re texting someone with an app specifically designed for finding dates, don’t presume someone wants to flirt with you. As silly as it sounds, people often respond well to straight forward questions. So if you’re uncertain, ask. While some may claim this is not socially acceptable, that’s simply not true anymore.

Be Creative – Don’t just text “hello” or “what up, bae”. Try to be a bit more inventive. Choose an opening that expresses your personality and interests. If you’re a fan of the “Harry Potter” books, you could open with “what house would the Sorting Hat put you in?”


Texting Isn’t A Phone Call – Lastly, don’t treat texting like a phone call. If they don’t text you back immediately, don’t presume they hate you or are giving you the brush off. They may simply have not seen the text. If they don’t get back to you within a few days, it might be appropriate to send another text. If they don’t get back to you then, presume they aren’t interested.[Read More information]

Ultimately, flirting over text isn’t difficult. It simply requires understand what people are looking for, and not coming on too strong.




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