How to Make Man Desire You

How to make him desire you like crazy

Tips On How To Make Man Desire You

Men like women who do everything they can to make them happy. This article is going to help you know how to make man desire you. The tips below will help you know how to make a man desire you.

Speak with your eyes

As a woman, your eyes are the gateway to your sale. This is because of the fact that they can speak a thousand words without even saying a word. So, why not use them to your advantage? Just tease him with your eyes and I can assure you that you will make him squirm. Hold his gaze a few seconds and then glance away. That will make him want to see you again and again.

Laugh at his joke

Men love feeling as if you find them important and irresistible; most of all funny. Since this is the case, why dont you laugh at his jokes to some extent to make him feel good? Although some of the jokes may not always be funny to you, they are hilarious to him and he is most likely trying to flirt or flatter with you. Laughing at his jokes will make him happy and obsessed with you.

Keep conversations interesting

Ensure that your conversations never get repetitive or boring. If a conversation seems to be dying down, either change the topic or bow out. Try to avoid awkward small talk as much as you can. You can keep your conversations interesting by asking a man good questions. For instance, if he is talking about a book he is reading, you may ask him what he likes about the book. It is good to ask about things he likes. For instance, if he likes movies ask him about his favorite movies.

Act like his mother to some extent

How to make him desire you like crazy
How to make him desire you like crazy

If you want make a man to desire you, then try to be motherly to some extent. However, I am not telling you to cater for all his needs. Some of the things you can do include taking care of him when he is sick, cooking his favorite food and taking care of him when he is sick.

Men often stick for a short while with women who offer short-term benefits. On the other hand, they will stick for some time with women who add the nurturing touch.

Give him compliments

Men enjoy compliments. Giving him compliments will make him feel better about himself and make him desire you. Tell him how handsome he looks in a certain shirt, how he is a good kisser or how you like his eyes or smile. When a man feels better about himself because you gave him compliments, he is going to notice it and seek more of it.

Make an effort to your beauty routine

Dolling up every once in a while, wearing a sexy dress when going out on dates, choosing high heels, shaving, smelling good, making effort with your makeup and taking time to perfect your hair are some of the things you can do to make  man desire you. So why dont you make an effort to your beauty routine to make him desire you?

Caress him

Show a man some affection by gently caressing his arms or neck in a subtle way. Look for reasons to touch him. Hold his hands when you are out, hug him when his favorite team scores and kiss him when he comes home and when he leaves for work. Make him know that you like touching him.[Read; Ways to Make Someone Fall Love with You]

However, avoid overdoing it especially if he is not used to being touched. Caressing him will make him want to come back for more. Just caress him gently and I assure you that he will become obsessed with you.

Give him space

Your man needs space physically, mentally and emotionally. This needs some alone time. Respect this space by engaging in your own active life outside the ambit of your relationship. Doing this will make a man desire you. Giving him space will make him miss you and flow as a reenergizing portion into your relationship.

Be earnest and sincere

Men hate pretenders. They love those women who are exactly what they see. Bing earnest and sincere are some of the traits most if not all men desire. Therefore, it may be a good idea to show a man the real you and I assure you that you that he will always want more and more of you.

As you can see, making man desire you should not be such a daunting task. Just apply the tips in this article and I am sure that they will make man desire you always. It will make him think of you and miss you. Always remember that a man wants to feel cared for. However, avoid doing anything that makes you uncomfortable.[Read More]