Text A Girl You Like To Catch And Keep Her Attention

There are so many ways How to Text a Girl You Like

Tips on How to Text A Girl You Like

Most guys feel a pit in their stomach as they try to get the courage to text a girl they just met for the first time. They want to do everything right, and one misunderstood text could make the difference between getting that first date, and watching movies at home alone on a Saturday night. If you want to text a girl you like, but the fear of rejection is keeping you from pressing “send,” read on for some tips on how to do it right. [Read;Rules For Texting Girls And Why do such rules exist?]

Ask For Her Number

Once you’ve made a connection and seem to be comfortable with each other, you should ask for her number so that you can text her. Be honest, and let her know that you’d like to text her because you’re interested in getting to know her better. She’ll admire you for you honesty, and she’ll recognize that it took some courage for you to make yourself vulnerable to ask her the question.

Keep it Short when you Text A Girl You Like
Keep it Short when you Text A Girl You Like

You need to initiate a conversation about anything that you may have in common, enabling the possibility for deeper, more meaningful exchanges later.[Read;Common Texting Mistakes Men Make When Texting]


Build Up Your Courage

Believe it or not, getting her number is the easy part, the scary part is sending that first text. It can be very unnerving for even a confident guy to text an attractive girl for the first time. However, you were able to push past the butterflies in your stomach to ask for her number in the first place, and you can do the same for that first text message. Men have dealt with this same type of situation for all of recorded history, not just since texting became the preferred means of communication. [Read;How to Get a Girl to Like You Over Text]


When you feel that surge of panic as you write that first text to her, remember that she willingly gave you her number to begin with, which means that she wants to get to know you too. You have every reason to believe that she’s been anticipating your first text to her.

Text a Girl You Like
There are so many ways How to Text a Girl You Like

Use Humor

For most women, there’s nothing sexier than a guy who makes her laugh. Girls love men who are funny, however it is important to make sure that your jokes are appropriate. Never make jokes about politics, religion, race, sex, world issues, war, death, crime, or any other controversial issue. Once you know each other better, you can share some of your more risqué humor.

If You Text a Girl you Like Don’t Be Fake

The worst thing possible is for you to try to be someone who you’re not. You want her to like you for who you are. If you present a false persona, your relationship will be based upon a lie, and will likely fall apart as the truth comes out. And it will. Girls are very perceptive, and it’s unlikely that you could fool her for long. When she discovers that you’ve lied to her, she’ll view you as having low-confidence and inauthentic. Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t like you for who you are anyway? Read More,….

Understand That She Has A Life

One mistake that is often made is that people get insecure or jealous when the person that they are texting goes radio silent for a time. Things happen that will pull her away from her phone that have nothing to do with you. Don’t just to conclusions that she’s bored by you or is in some way rejecting you, and never get defensive. The quickest way to ruin a great thing is by acting jealous or possessive[Read:Learning how to text girls get response is the most important]

Keep It Clean

There may come a time when exchanging some dirty texts might be fun for the two of you, however it is never appropriate as you’re getting to know her. Never talk about any sexual feelings that you may have for her, and never send or request inappropriate photos.

Let Her Know She’s On Your Mind

She’ll love to know that you’re thinking about her throughout the day. It will make her feel special. If you hear a certain song that makes you think about her, consider sending her a quick text to let her know. Say something like, “I just saw a rose garden with an assortment of beautiful, flagrant roses blooming, and I thought of you because I remembered how you told me that roses are your favorite flower.” She’ll think that you’re sweet, and she’ll love the fact that she means so much to you.

Don’t Smother Her

The most important thing that you can do is to avoid smothering her. Since you asked for her number, you should be the first to send a text, however, you should also allow her enough time to initiate conversations on her own as well. If you constantly text a girl you like, she’ll begin to feel smothered, and start avoiding you. Waiting for her to initiate exchanges is also a good way to gauge how she actually feels about you.

How to text a girl like you
How to text a girl like you

The fact that you’ve asked permission to text a girl you like deserves some praise. It takes courage, and even if you never get that first date, you’ve gained confidence in your ability to interact with women. The point in dating is to become more comfortable in relationships, and although not every girl that you like will feel the same about you, you won’t miss out on opportunities to meet someone special for fear of taking that first step.





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